Pizarro, Francisco

Three copies of the equestrian statue of Francisco Pizarro are known: one in the city of Trujillo de Extremadura, Spain (birthplace of Pizarro) another one in the city of Lima, capital of Peru (the place where he passed away and is buried) and in the city of Buffalo (United States ) located in the front of Albright-Knox Art Gallery .

The statue in Buffal0 was the first of the statues that were realized. Fused in Paris in 1910 using the technique of the lost wax by the French teacher Valsuani smelter of works of artists such as Renoir or Picasso . The work little measures less than 1.80 meters of height and at present Albright-Knox Museum can be admired in front of this institution to which was donated by the artist and his wife.

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