Wilhelm I

Some 40 equestrian statues were erected for the first emperor of the German Empire: Kaiser Wilhelm I (1797-1888). Only 15 of them survived. Most of the disappeared statues were melted down during or shortly after WW II. Some of them just disappeared. It cannot be excluded that they still exist in some place waiting for their revival. 

Both the site of the equestrian statue of Wilhelm I in Koblenz as its size is spectacular. The site: Deutsche Eck, where the rivers Rhine and Moesel come together. The size: 14 metres high. The Americans shot the statue into pieces during the last days of WW II. An initiative in 1987 of the industrial Werner Theisen and his wife to fund the rebuilding of the statue was not met with much enthusiasm of the authorities. In first instance the offer of 3 mln. Deutschmark was refused. Königswinter claimed the statue, but in the end the giant statue, designed by Emil Hundrieser, was reconstructed and in 1993 re-erected at its original site at Deutsche Eck. With high water the memorial is surrounded by water.

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