Wilhelm ll

The only equestrian statue of this emperor stands on a corner of the Hohenzollern-bridge in Cologne. Of the so-called ‘Kaiserärmchen’ (the left arm of Wilhelm II was as from his birth to short) is naturally nothing to see. A few days after the installation of the statue somebody unknown hanged a travel bag on this arm. This could not only be interpreted, as a reference to the travel madness of the emperor but was also clearly an invitation to leave the country.

Worth noting is that on both sides of this bridge over the river Rhine two equestrian statues are placed. On the cathedral side two statues by Louis Tuaillon of the successors of Wilhelm I: Wilhelm II (1910) and Friedrich III (1911), and on the other side the statues of Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Wilhelm I, both from 1864 by respectively Bläser and Drake.

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