Cansignorio della Scala

The Scaliger Tombs is a group of five monuments in Verona, celebrating the Scaliger family, who ruled there from the 13th to the late 14th century. On top of the tombs, outstanding examples of Gothic art, we see equestrian sculptures of Cangrande I, Mastino II and Cansignorio, all dating from the 14th century. The original of the Cangrande statue is in the Museum of Castelvecchio. The sculptures are remarkable. Carved from one block of gallina stone the sculptures show Cangrande with a smiling, youthful face, expressing kindness and benevolence in a moment of pause, and Mastino on the moment before charging in a duel with his face hidden behind a helmet in the form of a winged mastiff.

Dating from 1375, and the most richly decorated. It was designed by Bonino da Campione, and has sculptures portraying warrior saints, Gospel characters, the Virtues and the Apostles, and the big equestrian statue of Cansignorio.

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