Worlds’ largest equestrian statues

Largest in the world

Quotes from the book ‘From Marcus Aurelius to Kim Jong-il’

………….Standing some 40 metres tall, by far the largest equestrian statue today is the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan in Tsonjin Boldog, near Ulan Bator in Mongolia. Ten metres of this are on account of an attractive museum that the statue is built on top of. The statue is so large that I took an elevator up through………

…………The monument of Wilhelm I in Koblenz on the Deutsche Eck (where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet) by Emil Hundrieser is 14 metres high and ranks third. This statue was destroyed at the end of World War II, but restored in the nineties.

…………The question can be asked: how long will the Genghis Khan statue remain the tallest equestrian statue in the world? Not long, if the plans are realized to build an equestrian statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji (also known as Shivaji Bhonsle) on an artificial island off the coast near Mumbai. Despite debates about spending the amount of……..