Facts and figures.

Facts and figures

Quotes from the book ‘from Marcus Aurelius to Kim Jong-Il’

………..I have often been asked how many equestrian statues there are. To answer this question, I first had to define what an equestrian statue is……..Based on this definition, I estimate the total number of equestrian statues worldwide to be…

……………..Some 44 per cent of the statues I have found are in Europe, 16 per cent in North America, 13 per cent in Central America, the Caribbean and South America, 25 per cent in Asia and the remaining 2 per cent in the rest of the world.

……………..The low number of equestrian statues in a number of Asian and African countries can be explained to a great extent by the fact that Islam, the most practised religion in those parts of the world, traditionally prohibits the depiction of humans and animals.

……….The prediction in The Oxford Companion to Western Art that ‘The history of the equestrian monument seems to be near its end, since great man of the future are unlikely to be commemorated on horseback’, does not take into account the tendency to create equestrian statues to substantiate nationalistic feelings, and the fact that dictators even today still want to be immortalized on a horse.

The most restful position is a standing horse with all hooves on the ground. This position accounts for 22 per cent of the horses.