The Book

The Book


From Marcus Aurelius to Kim Jong-il, the story of equestrian statues throughout the ages.

The first attempt since 1899 to compile an inventory of all the equestrian statues in the world. A book published in May 2017 for all people who are interested in Horses, History and Art.

The research took many years and a lot of travelling around the world. The author visited more than 50 countries. The result: a comprehensive, accessible and entertaining book. A book with a personal touch.

The first part of the book is about the equestrian statue in general: The ‘whys’ of equestrian statues and their, often-dreary, fate. How do we get grips with the history? Relevant information is given on the trends over the ages, the sculptors, the horses and their riders. A chapter about the challenges of the creation of the statues contains many fascinating stories. An overview is given of the most attractive and dreariest settings of the statues and of world’s largest equestrian statues. An analysis of the durability of statues, a chapter with facts and figures (never published before) and a separate chapter on equestrian sculptures finalise this part of the book.

The second part of the book gives an overview by region and country of the characteristics of their statues and the most important and interesting ones. As the statues cannot be separated from their historical and cultural context, a brief history is given of a number of the countries covered.

The luxury 424-page book is of a substantial format and illustrated with more than 700 photographs, almost exclusively taken by the author.

The edition was limited to 240 copies, each copy numbered and signed by the author, and sold out within a year after its publication.

Per chapter you will find hereunder quotes from the book.