Cavalry memorial

The initiative to build the monument (also known as the Millennium Polish Cavalry Monument) commemorating the Polish cavalry started in 1978, and in 1981 a committee was formed to organize the construction of the monument.
In 1984, there was a design competition for the monument and from 13 entries, the design by sculptor and designer Mieczysław Naruszewicz was chosen. The statue was cast in 1987.
The monument was unveiled in 1994. The sculpture shows two riders galloping on horseback: a Piast knight with a spear and an uhlan with a saber in his outstretched hand, which symbolizes the beginning and end of Polish horse formations. To create the sculptures, Colonel Zbigniew Starak, a participant in the charge at the Battle of Schoenfeld (the last cavalry charge and mounted battle fought by the Polish cavalry), posed for the sculptor.
The lower part of the column is surrounded by four cast brass plaques with a list of 43 of the most important battles in the history of the Polish cavalry. Metal from army artillery shells was used in the creation of the plaques. After 11 years, errors in the inscriptions were noted and corrected for the dates of the Obertyn, Orsza and Beresteczko battles.

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