Curtis, Samuel Ryan

The State of Iowa erected a Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, to commemorate Iowans who fought during the Civil War. The monument was approved in 1888, the cornerstone was laid in 1894 and the structure was completed two years later. Because controversy developed over the location and artistic details of the monument, nearly 50 years passed before its dedication in 1945. Iowa artist Harriet A. Ketcham’s design was chosen over 47 others. Unfortunately she died before the monument was completed.  Four equestrians — all Iowa Civil War generals — are depicted: Marcellus M. Crocker, who joined Grant at the siege of Vicksburg; Grenville M. Dodge, who built railroads to support Grant’s army and accompanied Sherman on the “March to the Sea;” Samuel R. Curtis, commander of the Union Army at Pea Ridge; and John M. Corse, who was promoted to brigadier general in 1863, and assigned to the command of the Fourth Division of the Fifteenth Army Corps.

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