Erekle II

An inscription on the base of the statue reads as follows: On April 20 1770 the Georgian army under the command of King Erekle II, achieved a great victory over Turkish soldiers

The Battle of Aspindza was fought on 20 April 1770 between the Georgians, led by king of Kartli-Kakheti Erekle II, and the Ottoman Empire. The Georgians won a victory over the Turks.

The Georgian king had asked the Russian general Totleben for aid in the battle of Aspindza; in return, Erekle would do his best to cultivate good relations with Russia. General Totleben agreed to help. As soon as the small army of Erekle and large army of Totleben were about to meet and merge, Totleben and his army changed course and returned to Russia. Totleben’s plan was to let the Ottoman Empire completely destroy the Kartli-Kakhetian army along with the king. Russia, then, could easily incorporate the kingdom into the country. Erekle, along with his outnumbered army, was devastated. Nevertheless, the morale of the Georgians managed to override the Ottoman Turks, and the battle ended with a Georgian victory.

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