Garibaldi, Giuseppe

After the successful Expedition of the thousands, defeating the forces of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, wresting this Kingdom from the Neapolitan Bourbons, Garibaldi hailed Vittorio Emanuele II as king of an Italy stretching from the Alps to Sicily. Garibaldi shook Vittorio Emanuele’s hand and hailed him as King of Italy on a bridge in Taeano in 1860. Thus, Garibaldi sacrificed republican dreams for the sake of unity under a monarchy. Oreste Calzolaricreated the statue in Fiesole, showing the two men shaking hands. One source says that the sculptor intended the statues for a monument in Teano, but the town could not raise the money to make the statues. Instead a number of wealthy patrons and other donors in Fiesole were able to purchase the statues. Originally the work had an accompanying stone obelisk which was destroyed during a bombing raid during World War II.  Rust spots on and holes in the statues are clear indications that they urgently need maintenance.

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