Jeanne d’Arc

There are few people in the world with as many equestrian statues as Jeanne d’Arc. In total there are 36, of which 26 are in France and 10 in other countries. 16 of these are originals, the other 20 are replicas. 

There are a number of reasons why there are so many statues of Jeanne d’Arc. First, she is seen as the liberator of France and accordingly is a national heroine. Second, she is one of the patron saints of France. Third, she is one of the patron saints of soldiers, and therefore often part of war memorials. Lastly, the story of her short life is very inspiring for artists. 

This enormous equestrian statue by Denis Foyatier (1855) in the Place du Martroi in Orléans, the town that was relieved by Jeanne d’Arc in 1429, was heavily damaged during World War II but restored in 1950.

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