Jobst of Moravia

The equestrian statue installed on Moravské náměstí (Moravian Square) in 2015 is a tribute to Jobst of Moravia and is an allegory of Courage. One of the square’s dominant features, the statue is eight metres high and is made of bronze. It depicts a knight in armour sitting on a horse with unusually long legs. The legs make it possible for the statue to tower remarkably high without a pedestal, putting spectators in direct contact with the statue.

This concept by Jaroslav Róna met with a number of objections, for example because diplomacy, rather than courage, was Jobst’s dominant strength. Other critics protested because horses don’t have such long legs.

In any case, Brno now has a new major installation, exceptional also for the long queue of sightseers waiting to have a look at the statue from below; visitors who stand between the horse’s front legs and look up to its head can easily see why.

photographers not known

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