Misneach: A Monumental Celebration of Youth

The sculpture, commissioned as part of a regeneration project, is an interesting work of art for a number of reasons. The sculpture finds its base in a traditional equestrian sculpture, but instead of the usual hero, it shows a teenage girl as rider on the horse, a combination of history and future. The sculpture is also a statement. Everyday person can be as much a hero as celebrated public figures. The making of this sculpture was also a combination of history and future; traditional skills were combined with the use of state of the art technology. The mould of the horse was made in situ on the grounds of Chillingham castle in the UK from Foley’s magnificent Gough statue. This mould was then combined with a computer-generated mould of a 17-year-old girl selected as rider, scanned by a 3D laser scanner and cast in bronze.

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