Polish-American volunteer army memorial

Built in 1998 to honor the American army volunteers who returned to fight for Poland . The monument symbolically shows soldiers of the Haller Army / Blue Army crossing the vast waters of the Atlantic to come to Poland’s aid. The Blue Army or Haller’s Army, was a Polish military contingent created in France  in 1917, and was made up of Polish volunteers serving alongside allied forces in France during World War I. After fighting on the Western Front, the army was transferred to Poland where it joined other Polish military formations fighting for the return of Poland’s independence. The Blue Army played a pivotal role in ensuring Polish victory in the Polish–Ukrainian War, and later Haller’s troops took part in Poland’s defeat of the advancing Bolshevik forces in the Polish–Soviet War.

Throughout the fighting on the Ukrainian front, soldiers within the ranks of the Blue Army assaulted segments of the local Jewish residents, assuming that some Jews were co-operating with Poland’s enemies. 

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