Sviatoslav I Igorevich

His statue commemorates Sviatoslav’s victory over the Khazars caused unrest before its erection, as reports described the tall equestrian statue as depicting a Rus’ cavalryman trampling a Khazar bearing a Star of David. This created an outcry within the Jewish community. When the statue was unveiled, the shield bore a twelve-pointed star.

In 2005, the sculptor signed the “letter of 500”, a controversial appeal to the Prosecutor General to review all Jewish organizations in Russia for extremism. In 2005, a report circulated that Klykov had unveiled a statue in the village of Kholki that depicted Sviatoslav I of Kiev trampling a Khazar warrior with a prominently displayed Star of David. The Press Center of the Belgorod Regional Administration issued a response stating that while plans for a monument were underway, none had yet been erected in the region thus far, and that the design of the monument would show “respect towards representatives of all nationalities and religions.” The statue was eventually unveiled and the response by the Press Center has been confirmed. The statue is in the village of Kholki, near Belgorod.

photographer Goldencako

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